MFET Schema Version No. ________


Schema: MFCarrierReport  MFDistributorReport  MFRetailerReport 


MFSupplierReport  MFTOReport  MotorFueleFileTypes 

MotorFuelsEnumerations  MotorFuelsFiling  MotorFuelsHeader 


Action Requested: Add  Change  Delete 


Component(s): Complex Type  Element  Attribute 

Enumerated List Choice 


For Elements: Recommended Name ___________________ Length ____


Brief Description of Addition/Change/Deletion:










XML Code To Be Added/Changed XML Code:















Please attach complete schema showing addition, change, or deletion, and an instance document (example) with data.













Business Case Why Is This Addition/Change/Deletion Required?

















Requestor Organization: _________________________________


Date Needed: _________________________


Contact Information:


Name: _______________________________________


Telephone Number: ____________________________________


E-mail Address: ________________________________________



Please e-mail this request form to Terry Garber, TIGERS chair, at [email protected] and to TIGERS technical support at [email protected].


Please plan to participate in the next TIGERS meeting/webinar/conference call to discuss this request.





In order to promote consistency and uniformity in the implementation of the Motor Fuel Excise Tax (MFET) XML e-file program, the data element list and all MFET schemas are posted on the TIGERS website, These schemas are to be used for all MFET implementations.


States, vendors, or service providers needing additional data elements or requiring changes to any of the MFET schemas must follow the procedures outlined below.


State tax administrators or other interested parties should submit the request to the current TIGERS chair using the MFET XML CHANGE CONTROL form posted on the TIGERS web site. The form must be submitted via e-mail. The form includes the following:


1.            MFET Version on which the request is based

2.            Schema(s) affected

3.            Action required addition, change, or deletion

4.            Component(s) affected

5.            A brief text description of each addition or change being requested

6.            New XML code to be added or utilized

7.            Business case why this addition or change is necessary please be as complete as possible

8.            Requestor organization generally state tax or employment agency, but may be software vendor or service provider

9.            Contact information


It is requested that a complete copy of the revised schema(s) be attached; the use of XML Spy listings and diagrams is preferred.


The current TIGERS chair, upon receipt of the request, shall take the following actions:


1.            Distribute copies electronically to TIGERS members for review and discussion.

2.            Place the request on the agenda of the next TIGERS meeting. It is highly recommended that the requestor participate in any discussion of the proposed changes, particularly if they are more than simple element additions.

3.            Discuss the request at the TIGERS meeting. The request may be accepted, rejected, or modified. If the request is modified or rejected, the TIGERS chair will work with the requestor to reach a mutually satisfactory alternative.

4.            Once the modifications to the XML schema(s) are finalized, submit the revised schema(s) to TIGERS technical support to be posted as a new version at

5.            If the request is urgent, due to state business needs, the MFET core team will review the proposed change as quickly as possible after the request is received. If there are no objections, provisional approval will be granted for the requesting state agency to make the change. The request will then proceed as given above, for formal approval from the TIGERS membership.